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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Da’wah means calling people, propagating the Deen of al-Islam. The Qur’an and Sunnah have expressed the idea of da’wah with the terms; delivering the call (tableegh), enjoining the good (ma’ruf) & forbidding the evil (munkar), recommending one another on the truth (tawaasil), being sent to give good tidings and to warn, clarifying the truth, advising (naseeha) and reminding the people, and debate and discuss with the people in the manner which is best and the struggling to make the Deen prevail.
There many evidences in the Qur’an and Sunnah that obligates all Muslims, men and women to do da’wah, and enjoin good and forbid evil. For instance, in Quran Allah mentioned that
“And who speaks better than he who calls to Allah while he himself does good, and says: I am surely of those who submit?” (Surah Fussilat 41:33). This statement actually applies to the Muslim, both man and woman; when either one of them takes on the responsibility of da'wah they must do so in the way which has been legislated for them.
Muslim women or call as “muslimah” played a great role in sacrifice and service for Islam. From the very beginning, women have played vital roles in the propagation of Islamic Da'wah. The work of the Muslim woman in the field of da'wah strengthens the man's work, and it expand it into areas where her effectiveness supersedes that of the man. According by woman’s nature as a spiritual and psychological comforter of man, the woman can play an important role in da'wah. It is always better and more effective when a woman speaks to a woman as compared to a man speaking to a woman. Usually, women are tend to be better than men in terms of verbal abilities and emotionality. Men are unavailable to provide this service to women, therefore it is very important for women to engage in da’wah in order to convey the messages of Islam to other women and children. The messages of Islam must be convey and propagate to all people in the universes, not only to Muslim communities.
Women must started educating themselves and achieving their rights to education, and tarbiyah. According to the Hadith narrated by Abu Sa'i that the women said to the Prophet (saw), "The men are keeping you busy and we do not get enough attention from you. Would you specify a day for us, women? He promised them a day to meet them and educate and admonish them." (Bukhari)
As a Muslim women, they should educate herself about the basic Islamic knowledge (religious knowledge), such as the issue of Tawheed, the issue of Fiqh- Tahaarah (purification) and other knowledge that relate to them.
Besides that, by looking at the Islamic history, we have many role models who are involved in da’wah at the Prophet Rasulullah S.A.W such as the first wife of the Prophet, Saidatina Khadeejah (ra) who was very rich, spent a lot of her money to support the Da’wah brought by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and also gave some advice to her husband. Next example is Saidatina ‘Aisha (ra), after the Prophet Muhammad died, ‘Aisha (ra) was the main source of knowledge about the Prophets teachings. She was active in telling people about Islam and giving knowledge to the ummah. All these examples are offer the greatest proof of the vital importance of women role in Da’wah Islamiyyah.
The successful Muslim woman is the one who makes herself aware of these issues and can be greatly effective by being a good example to others women, by being good-hearted, kindly spoken, and of friendly conduct woman can also use all appropriate opportunities to educate, guide and call others though observing the conditions of those whom she addresses.

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